Those with businesses have a multitude of things to look towards. From finances to operations, a CEO of the company has a lot on their mind and workload. Business firms come with a lot of legal issues and obligations. Therefore, having a legal advisor can help in several ways.

Shikana Group, the leading legal and investment advisory group in Tanzania, is fully equipped to help you in your legal operations. Along with a capable and skilled team, Shikana Group can offer you the best legal advisory services any business can receive.

What Are Legal Advisors?

A legal advisor is a lawyer who gives legal consultations to companies and businesses. Every business has legal issues and obligations to proceed with. From the beginning, an entrepreneur must know all the legal ramifications before venturing into building a company.

For those unable to deal with legal issues themselves, a legal advisor can assist you in making the right choices. A legal advisor has multiple duties and responsibilities, such as:

  • Drafting and negotiating contracts
  • Providing consultations on legal matters
  • Improve and overlook whether companies are in accordance with Tanzanian laws.

These skills improve a company’s infrastructure by abiding by legal obligations. Missing or remaining complacent about these aspects is dangerous and can bring severe consequences. Having a legal advisor will prove to be much helpful.

How Can Legal Advisors Help?

1.    Contract Negotiations:

Every organization or business has to deal with contracts. It is the central aspect of running your firm. In many cases, it is difficult to draft an agreement and ensure it abides with the legal language and laws. To ensure that you are making the right decisions regarding building your contract, it is essential to have an experienced legal advisor by your side.

An essential aspect of a business is negotiating contract terms with the other parties involved. Usually, contract negotiations are complex and long. An entrepreneur would not have the time to clarify the terms without proper help.

In Africa, every contract is prone to be negotiated. Therefore, it would be helpful to have a distinguished lawyer keep a close eye on the contract negotiations.

2.    Tax Advisory:

Tax can be a complicated issue for many people. In business, being aware of tax values and investments is incredibly important. Missing out on any tax dates can bring many consequences.

Staying updated on filing taxes can be difficult when you are occupied with different matters. Having a legal advisor can help advise you on tax and regulatory services.

Shikana Groups’ legal advisory services helps clients in turning tax challenges into proper and cohesive strategic plans for the company’s betterment.

They provide legal consultations on:

  • Tax and regulatory requirements
  • Efficient in-country legal and operating structures
  • Ongoing tax and regulatory compliance requirements
  • Assistance with queries from tax authorities and other regulatory bodies

3.    Expansion of a Business:

If you want to expand your business to higher levels, you will need to delve into legal matters first. Spending your time solving legal issues can also be tiresome and expensive.

Proper execution of expanding a business is essential and requires much effort and focus. Making your business bigger comes with many advantages, but setting legal issues aside is problematic.

Having a legal advisor can take care of your problems when you have to stay focused on your company’s future. Experienced advisors can take on your company’s problems and make sure that the issues are sorted out diplomatically and legally.

Let’s Invest in East Africa Together!

The Shikana Group understands East African economies’ increasingly complex regulatory and commercial frameworks. As leading lawyers and investment advisors in Tanzania, we present comprehensive guidance around strategic business decisions.

Our legal team advises on some of the most common strategies for market entry, including Exporting, Licensing, Partnering joint ventures, Green field investment franchising, and turnkey projects.

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