Legal Services

International Trade & Taxation

Business Setup and Licensing

Shikana Group advises its clients on the appropriate ownership entities for the business they need to set up, including enterprises, associations, limited liability companies and joint ventures. Our legal team provide an analysis of the benefits, expenses and risks related with the choice of a specific business entity, in light of our extensive experience assisting worldwide investors coming into the African market place.

Shikana Group likewise offers a full range of services related to immigration and labour law, including liaising with relevant government authorities for work permits, investor permits and related matters.

Shikana Legal Consulting Firm also advises and draws up strategy to ensure that its clients obtain the required licenses they need to operate in a given sector in Africa. Our legal team have extensive experience dealing with licensing applications in the tourism, gaming, mining, financial services, oil and gas, and telecommunication sectors.

Finally, we also assist in protecting our clients ideas, logo, company name and goodwill, for example by registering trademarks and other intellectual property, drafting Confidentiality Agreements so that potential business ideas or deals are not poached by the competition.

Contract Negotiation

In an ever-changing regulatory environment, contracts are fundamental to any business. In most current situations, contract negotiation is complex and takes longer, particularly when large sums of money are involved. There is no such thing as a standard contract when it comes to securing investments in Africa, and every aspect of the arrangement is subject to negotiation.

Our legal advisory services team understands how vital it is to our clients and their businesses to successfully navigate complex contract negotiations. We take the time to understand our client’s unique needs and represent their best interests by negotiating favorable terms and ensuring their rights are protected.

In order to insure that our clients interests are protected, our attorneys will identify the potential risks that may arise after the transaction, in order to draw up a contract that will negate any future issues. We also assure that our clients are involved in every step of the process, making sure that they understand the trade. Finally, our clients are always kept in the loop regarding progress, until its successful conclusion.

Shikana Law Group has major experience in drafting and negotiation a range of commercial documents, negotiating and drafting franchise agreements, joint venture project agreements, sponsorship and association contracts.

Tax Advisory

Shikana Group provides legal advice on tax and regulatory services in relation to all areas of tax in the geographies we operate. Our legal team help turn our clients company’s tax challenges into strategic solutions that work for them and their businesses, both for today and long-term. In particular, we provide legal guidance on:

Commercial and business law service

Shikana Group has established a strong track record in advising companies in the sales and purchases of shares or businesses as well as asset transfers. Our legal team provide guidance to companies on business procedures and operational issues, including cash flow management and control. Finally, we advise companies on winding up and dissolving businesses.

Sales and Purchase of Shares or the Business

As the best investment planning services provider in East Africa, Shikana Group provide legal guidance and advisory on the following procedure related to sales and purchase of shares or business :

Business Procedures and Cashflow

Shikana Group provide legal guidance and advisory on the following business procedure and cashflow :

Employment Law and Labour Relations Support

Shikana Group has a long-standing tradition of providing pro bono legal services to individuals and organizations who cannot otherwise afford legal counsel. We are happy to give back to our community, the defenseless and the most vulnerable through pro bono work. We are proud to offer our services to charities, social organizations, communities, and individuals by offering up our legal services to enable them access justice and their rights. Shikana Group is committed to playing a pivotal role in making our world a better one for all.

Business Dissolution



With an eye toward improving day-to-day operations, and helping our clients achieve long-term business goals, Shikana Group partner with clients to proactively tackle complex legal questions. We focus on compliance in the following areas: employment, mining, oil and gas, technology, gaming, corporate, and investment management.

Our legal team keep our clients up to speed with existing laws as well as anticipated statutory and regulatory changes. In addition, we provide support with audits and investigations as well as training to our clients compliance issues.

Dispute resolution

Shikana Group provides private corporations and investors a sophisticated international dispute resolution, and an arbitration service capable of resolving disputes that straddle borders, corporate structures, jurisdictions, cultures, political systems, and treaties.

Our particular focus is on:



Regional & International Tribunals


Shikana Group provides legal advice at all stages of a private equity (PE) or venture capital (VC) transaction. From legal review of the target, to the design of the most suitable structure and drafting of the documents. Our legal team manage to reflect the commercial objectives of the business, execute the transaction and advise on legal negotiating strategies.