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What Do We Offer

Advisory Services

We provide advisory services to foreign investors all over the world that want to invest in East Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan), giving them high quality and timely advice, market knowledge and market research, and advice and solutions on the legal and regulatory landscape that we have gained through our experience working and investing in the region.

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Problems Faced

The problems you face are not knowing where to begin, they you do not know how to start a business, where to go to get information, what the risks are and how to mitigate them, who to partner with and who to trust, where the investment opportunities are, how to overcome the legal and regulatory challenges and red tape.

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Solutions Provided

We solve the problems by providing you with a number of services and we ensure that we serve you with quality, timely and practical advice. We provide due diligence to ensure the project and/or partners they want to invest in are legitimate. We provide in depth knowledge of the market and sectors, legal advice on how to start and build the business. We assist you to find the right partners on the ground and find the investment opportunities worth investing in. We also provide stakeholder engagement for complex projects that require the support of grassroot communities, government authorities and other relevant stakeholders.

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Why Choose Us

Shikana Investment and Advisory Group

You may not know where to start when it comes to starting a business in Africa. This can be intimidating and can lead to them you to feeling overwhelmed. Our solutions to these problems are tailored to the individual client. We provide advice based on our market knowledge and experience. We also provide studies and market research, as well as helping you find the right partners and investment opportunities. We conduct due diligence for you to ensure that any project you want to pursue or be partner you want to invest with, is legitimate.

Our solutions are designed to help clients navigate the complexities of starting a business and investing in the East African markets, so that you can make informed decisions. We understand that it can be daunting to start a business, so our goal is to provide the guidance and support your needs to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. We help you understand your options and make smart decisions that will benefit your business in the long run.


What Our Clients Say

“I trust Amne’s handy experience and her perfect craft when it comes to investment facilitation and government-investor relations. She has a rich understanding of investment-related laws, processes, and governance. She is also well-vested in national and international politics. And very savvy in navigating them. It is why she has been instrumental in facilitating many Foreign Direct Investments and investors, particularly in the mining industry in Tanzania.”

Ambassador Togolani Mavura

Ambassador of Tanzania to the Republic of Korea

“Amne is the real deal. Lawyer, investor, strategist, advisor, consultant, executive – she brings all the right skills and experience to the table delivers results at the highest level. The African ecosystem is an exciting one and her understanding of it is a powerful resource to many globally. A change maker as well as a wealth creator, I highly recommend her an an investment advisor and well connected and highly resourceful professional.”

Cory Lopes-Warfield

ChatGPT early-adopter/expert

“I have been interacting with Amne for more than 8 years, she is capable, disciplined and authentic leader who has extensive experience in consulting investment projects for domestic and foreign investors. Amne is also a seasoned lawyer who clearly understand the African markets and sectors in particular financial institutions, mining, oil and gas etc.”
Abel Kaseko
Head of Products and Sales at NBC Limited
“Amne is personable, knowledgeable, trustworthy and committed. She is a trusted and informed lawyer as well as a business partner with a wide array of international and domestic experience. She has her fingers on the pulse of the legal industry enabling her to have a clear sense of anticipation of which direction the legal pendulum will swing. She understands the nuances of doing business in challenging markets and how best that can be navigated by persons unfamiliar to such terrains. I constantly work with Amne on various issues relating to Tanzania and abroad and look forward to working with her again. ”
Edward Kateka
Head Of Legal at Equinor Tanzania

“Amne has a wealth of experience in the African iGaming sector. Her contribution to our virtual roundtable was invaluable and would definitely recommend anybody who’s interested in investing in this market to consult with her first!”

Curtis Roach

Content Production Specialist

“My company engaged Amne for a public policy task.
She was very professional, and delivered above expectation.

Her keen to detail, knowledge on regulatory environment within Tanzania as well as her vast network are key assets that could be of use to anyone wanting public policy tasks taken upon.

It was a great experience and would recommend her for the same works.

Great job Amne”

Remmy Eseka
“I am a proud Tanzanian, in 2020 I Co-founded Kambirana Group (brand owners of “Jiranileo”) together with my American business partner, Jiranileo is Africa’s first authentic home made-meal sharing business platform. Amne drafted for us our partnership agreement, expertly striking the right balance between two friends, with different cultural and business backgrounds and aspirations, who were now getting into business together. Not only did she encapsulate our different understandings, but guided us on the contractual tenets, startup considerations and struck the perfect compromise between friends exploring business,(this is how acute her emotional intelligence is.) This agreement 3years later still stands strong and continues to form our bedrock. Amne is also a dear friend, an inspiration to me personally. Over several conversations spanning the last three years or so, I have heard her deliberate over her desire to set up an investment advisory firm in addition to her bustling law practice. She is a stony high Pan-Africanist. Aspires to put our continent on the global business map. I have seen her put in the late hours, give up personal time to serve her clientele all over Africa and help them understand/navigate/grow their African footprint. This powerhouse of a professional ROCKS, she loves what she does. This lady is taking her clients beyond the stars and, Jiranileo continues to rely on her legal and business advice. This toddler of an African business is now growing strong legs because of Amne and Shikanalawgroup.”
Sunday Kapesi
Co-Founder/Chief Operations Officer/Regional Manager-East Africa at Kambirana Group
“Amne is well known to me, both personally and professionally. She is apt, determined and well knowledgeable in areas of international trade and investment law. We worked together at the East African Community, and I have seen her grow her law firm into one of the most reliable and professional investment law firms in the East African region. I am proud to be associated with Amne, and honoured to recommend her for her services both regionally and internationally.”
Brenda Ntihinyurwa – CQI-IRCA, ACIArb
Senior Legal Officer at East African Community-Civil Aviation Safety and Security Oversight Agency

“For the past five years, Amne and I have collaborated on various Gaming-related projects in Tanzania and the East African market.

She is a people person, good with clients, and will go above and beyond to support colleagues and see things through.

She is the best in her field and willing to share best practices. She is also very responsible and detail-oriented, which makes her stand out.

It’s a great honour to have known and worked with her.”

Jimmy Keneth Masaoe

Operations Manager at Betway Tanzania

“During the opening phase of the Johari Rotana Hotel in Dar es Salaam, I was introduced to Mrs. Amne Suedi and her company, Shikana Group, by a friend. Prior to that we engaged several law firms between 2017 and 2019 but never quite received the legal advice in a timely and professional manner, which we had expected from an owner perspective and an international hospitality company from Abu Dhabi.

As soon as we engaged Shikana Group we experience a different approach to meet our needs. The services and legal advice were not only provided in a timely, professional, and trustworthy manner, but we could also always rely on Amne and her team to listen and to provide solutions to our legal challenges.

The Johari Rotana, the largest 5-star hotel in Dar es Salaam and in Tanzania, with 253 Rooms, 4 Restaurants and bars as well as the largest banqueting and meeting facilities in a 5-star hotel, opened its doors in November 2019. Due to Covid, we had to close our operation in April 2020. With Shikana Group’s legal advice we managed to handle this challenging process flawless. Over 90% of our teams expressed their wish to rejoin for a re-opening in 2022.

We look forward to continuing our cooperation with Amne and her team for many more years and can only recommend her services to anyone seeking the service of a very professional advisory firm.”

Johari Rotana 

5 Star Hotel | General Manager Joerg Potreck


What people get from our services

Understanding of the legal and regulatory structures of East African markets, how to navigate them, and protection of investment and business through sound and relevant contracts and legal advice
Knowledge of the cultural and economic differences between East African markets and how to best take advantage of them.
Ability to identify and assess potential investment opportunities in East African markets with a high return potential.
Confidence in the security of your investments and the potential to earn a good return.
Satisfaction in having a positive impact on the African continent through their investments.

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Amne Suedi

Founder and Managing Director
Amne Suedi is the founder of Shikana Investment and Advisory Group, a company based in Tanzania and Switzerland, dedicated to helping foreign investors and local entrepreneurs create sustainable and smart partnerships and business to end poverty in East Africa. With a background in international finance and investment, a strong sense of social justice, and a commitment to economic prosperity, Amne has dedicated her career to creating investment opportunities that benefit both investors and the local communities in East Africa.

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