Amne Suedi

Founder and Managing Director
Amne Suedi is the founder of Shikana Investment and Advisory Group, a company based in Tanzania and Switzerland, dedicated to helping foreign investors and local entrepreneurs create sustainable and smart partnerships and business to end poverty in East Africa. With a background in international finance and investment, a strong sense of social justice, and a commitment to economic prosperity, Amne has dedicated her career to creating investment opportunities that benefit both investors and the local communities in East Africa. Amne is an international lawyer turned entrepreneur who understands the business, strategy and regulatory and compliance issues in the East African region having experienced this herself first hand having built and invest in several businesses. She has advised and worked with companies like 5 star Johari Rotana Hotel, Scania, Capital Drilling, Oryx Gas, Bolt, Uber, the World Trade Organization, East African Community, CDC Group, the World Bank’s IFC, to name a few companies and organisations. Prior to founding her own company, Amne started her career in finance and banking in Switzerland where she worked as a legal adviser for Capital Dynamics, a company that had assets of CHF 60 billion where she provided support to traders, asset managers, and the private equity and hedge fund team in providing timely legal advice related to their operations. She subsequently worked for one of the oldest and most prestigious private banks in Switzerland, Pictet Group in their Asset Management and Alternative Investment Division where she provided legal advice to Fund of Funds and Private Equity funds that were investing in emerging markets.

Through her company Shikana Investment and Advisory Group, Amne has worked for over a decade in East African markets, where she facilitated over USD 100 million in investment by providing strategic advisory services ensuring investments are structured for sustainability and impact. She has worked with Private equity firms who have invested a total of USD 15 million where she advised and structured the investments including working closely with regulatory authorities.

She has served as a Non-Executive Director for several companies that are operating in EAC region, including the Armadale Capital which is an investment company listed on the AIM Stock Exchange in the United Kingdom London. She has a wealth of experience in international investments, governance, strategy, compliance and regulatory affairs.

She is fluent in French, English and Kiswahili. She read her law degree and obtained her license in law Switzerland, Tanzania and Zanzibar and read her LLM at the University College of London where she specialized in International Finance and Trade Law.

Amne has received awards such as TOP 100 Executive List 2022 where she was a winner ranking at 42 out of 100 of CEOs in Tanzania leading a company with annual turnover of Tshs 1 billion or more. She has also been recognized and is a recipient TOP 50 Women in Management in Africa 2023 award.

She is also currently serving as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Switzerland – Tanzania Chamber of Commerce.

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