What Is Legal Operations?

The most frequently arising question in any organization’s operation department is whether or not the legal department is working in the most strategic way possible.

Legal operations are multi-disciplinary functions that optimize the delivery of legal services in a corporation. Regardless of the size of the company, the legal department performs two parts; first, to provide legal advice and review contracts, and the second is to prioritize work and manage resources to make sure that the company reaches its goal. The legal department of an organization plays a vital role in removing the barriers that prevent the in-house lawyers from doing their jobs.

The legal operations of different companies can depend on the size, maturity, and budget of the firm. A large corporation might hire a legal operations director and a chief of staff separately to focus on two different things. But regardless of the function, legal department employees may have expertise in legal. However, project management, communication, and data analysis are also critical. Their complete business knowledge is the only way they can make the right legal decisions and help the company grow.

Shikana Group is one of the leading legal operations consulting firm in East Africa. They have a team of experienced lawyers who have worked with legal matters and can give you the best advice for your business.

Efficiency In Legal Operations

Back in the day, searching for data manually was a task for legal operations as it consumed a significant amount of time and the efficiency of that method was not dependable enough. It is not humanly possible to search for something manually without making any mistakes.

Digital software has made the process of data searching quick and more efficient. The legal team can search for any data they want in seconds, and the accuracy is even better. This technology centralizes data and structures it in a way to save your time and do more with less.

It can also manage projects more efficiently with technology. The software is used to standardize and automate routine tasks, so you don’t have to start everything from scratch in case of a mistake. With these technologies doing work efficiently, it is also a chance for organizations to decrease the in-house workforce; it also reduces their labor cost and improves work efficiency.

Legal departments also need access to business intelligence to inform data-driven decisions. The technology allows legal operations to pull together accurate information regarding previous legal matters, and the insights of the legal department can help legal management to make better decisions for the company.

How To Choose The Right Technology For Legal Operations

The world has evolved so much, and new technologies are getting introduced at the speed of light. When a business invests in technology, they want their problems to be solved at the same rate, and it is easier if they get one solution to all their problems. However, it is essential to pick the right technology for your company, so you don’t have to face any of the issues again.

It is best to get a technology that has the capacity to adapt to changes; as we said, new technologies are being introduced, and if you don’t get an adaptable technology, it might go to waste once something better comes your way. It is essential to reach your goals straight before making any purchase.

You must ask which area you want to work in more efficiently? How can you manage the workflow? What technologies are your competitors using, and if it is beneficial for you? Lastly, think about the budget to spend on the efficiency of the legal department.


The technology used in legal departments exists to make work more accessible, and one can make legal operations efficient with it. While technology provides an ocean of benefits to legal matters, it does have a drawback like cybercrimes, so make sure to take safety measures to keep the data protected.

If you want any advice regarding legal matters of your business, contact Shikana Group, which provides legal operations consulting services in East Africa and will guide you to the best of their abilities.

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