Legal operations consulting helps you optimize the provision of legal services to your organization by using business concepts and new working methods. By supporting the larger business goals, GCs and in-house teams can go beyond merely controlling legal risk thanks to the increased efficiency attained.

Key Business Principles of The Shikana Group

Strategy Enabler: Establishing company strategies and providing assistance in resolving challenging problems.

Risk Manager: In charge of handling the rising demand for delivery of legal services.

Business Partners: Company partners provide insights that help other business segments make more effective strategic and operational decisions.

Implementation: Utilizing technology, procedures, and data for implementation to gain a competitive edge

The majority of legal departments will be at various stages of development, doing well in some areas but not others. Finding out where you are right now and, more importantly, where you want to go is the first step.

Shikana’s legal operations consulting develops a tailored roadmap to get you there.

You can add value by administering your function like a company, for example, by giving your business teams KPIs so they always know how the legal advice they have requested from you is coming along.

This actually means:

  • Establishing an operational structure to support the expansion of your business and the resulting demand on your legal team
  • Providing the business with clarity and transparency about how you are managing your function, for example, by creating suitable KPIs to explain the value of legal to a business unit.
  • Providing efficiency improvements and showcasing the benefits that your department’s main law firm partners and vendors are providing, such as process mapping for crucial legal duties and workflow to enable quick contracting fulfillment.

The Benefits of Hiring Legal Operations Consulting Services:

Greater Efficiency

By utilizing innovative approaches, processes, and tools, you may accomplish more with less.

Improved Insight

By sharing information more transparently and easily than previously, you can manage your function(s) more efficiently.

Dependable Technology

Ensure that the appropriate individuals, procedures, and structures are in place for new technologies.

Legal operations consulting is the missing factor on your way to success; Shikana Group provides you with the most beneficial legal and investment advisory services. Feel free to reach out for legal advice and take your business to new heights.

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