Africa as a continent has a huge potential for future growth. Which makes it a favorable place for investment I.e If you plan on extending your business to this part of the continent. The research gathered by the UN Conference on Trade and Development between the years 2006 and 2017 reveals that Africa has realized an 11.4% rate profit for every foreign investment.

Also, Africa is so much populated with the youth, which is unfailingly the world’s market force if invested upon. Investing in Africa won’t just increase the wage rate for African countries it will also help reduce the rate of unemployment thereby increasing the workforce population and with this when you consider an African country to invest in one country that comes to mind is Kenya. Kenya, an African country with huge potential for investment by foreign investors. Their consistent improvement is driven by both the government and the private sector in the industry environment. In 2019, she delivered the greatest number of business reforms on the African continents as stated by Adan Mohammed, Secretary of the industrialization cabinet. Among other sectors to invest in is electricity, the country has greatly invested in the distribution of lines and transformers. Additionally, they have also created a power station that resuscitates power as often as possible which has increased the productivity of the banking institutions in Kenya.

Reasons to invest in Kenya 

Entrepreneurs/ businessmen are always in search of a growing economy. So they can invest in and in this light. When you come to Africa, you will find lots of this growing economy of which Kenya is one of them. Now, Kenya is the biggest economy in the whole of East and Central Africa. I understand that during the Covid_19 pandemic, the country struggled with its growth rate which decreased to 6%. Regardless of that, the country has been making changes in its economical, political and structural sectors which have helped increase its growth rate to 7%. Still, they have never stopped making progress.

If you are in search of an African country to invest in. Trust me, Kenya is a good choice for you as there are so many sectors to invest in like Agribusiness, Tourism, and lots more. No wonder FDI(Foreign Direct Investment) chose Kenya as their considerable pick to invest in. Having said all these, why should one decide to invest in Kenya?

  1. Market access

The country, Kenya is a crucial signatory to many agreements that relate to trade. Aside from that, the country is currently a member of WTO(World Trade Organisation) which makes it easier for over 80% of markets around the globe to have access to them. Among many trade agreement systems that they have signatory to, some of them include AGOA(Africa Growth and Opportunity Act)

  1. Highly knowledgeable and skilled workforce.

The country, Kenya contains over 50 million people of which 90% of these people are learned and can add value in any industry they send them to. Kenya constantly brags about the number of intellectuals and skillful workforce that have been produced in and within their country.

  1. Stable private sector

The private sectors in Kenya are doing well since the country is a favorable marketplace. This is because of the constant policy dialogue that the authorities of the country usually hold with private sectors and one main participant in the private sector is KAM(The Kenya Association of Manufacturers)

  1. Substantial social and physical infrastructure

As earlier mentioned, Kenya is the highest economy in the whole of East and Central Africa and for this reason, they are ensuring that all social and physical infrastructure is well established. So that foreign investors can find a dwelling place to do their business. For instance, the country has housed Safaricom, one of the largest telecommunications companies for a long number of years and they are willing to house many other businesses.

Investment opportunities in Kenya 2021

Every business inclined person likes to invest in a place that will yield them more revenue and Kenya is that country with a favorable marketplace with an expected huge turnout. There are several investment opportunities in the country and they are:

Digital creation

Ever since the Covid_19 pandemic sprung up, the demand for digital creators has been on a constant increase. This is one area one can invest in. For instance, two known persons that have dived into these investment opportunities are Jalang’o and Abel Mutua. Jalang’o is a radio host who recently created a Youtube channel and has so far recorded over 150k subscribers with over a million views. Abel Mutua, a comedian who also recently created a Youtube channel has recorded over 100k subscribers within a short span. The reason why this segment of investment opportunity should be considered is that:

  1. It is easy to start
  2. The demand is on the increase 
  3. Many people now prefer to stay at home to view content since after the Covid_19 pandemic.
  4. Traditional consumption of content is gradually fading away.

Aside from that, streaming videos in Kenya is relatively low since Safaricom has many Internet options. The few ways digital creators make money from this investment opportunity to is as follows:

  • By using Google Ads where google pays you for displaying ads in your videos.
  • Your content can be sponsored.
  • By pleading for funds by your viewers.


This is another investment opportunity that can yield much fruit if taken seriously. The truth is, we all need food, and investing in Agriculture can help one meet the demands of the public. For instance, In Kenya, Agriculture is quite cheaper in the rural areas as there are many large lands. One could hire large acres of land to farm on. However, to make the most out of this sector. You need to realize the food that is currently in demand. Most people make this mistake a lot and that’s why it seems they are not doing well in Agriculture. 

Secondly, have a working knowledge of what the farming industry entails so you do not make mistakes. Lastly, when hiring people to work for you in the Agricultural sector ensure you hire the right kind of people that knows what the farming system is about.


This is another powerful investment opportunity you can dive right into. There are certain things to do before considering investing in stocks.

  1. Look out for a good broker in the country/state. There are some known brokers in the country they include Kestrell capital, Equity bank and the likes.
  2. Open a CDC account. This account is to enable you to buy and sell your shares from your account.
  3. Make in-depth research to know the best company to invest in. If you are struggling with the above, there is a company in East Africa that provides you with solutions to investment-related issues. The name of the company is Shikana. You can google them online and they are reliable.

ICT( Information Communication and Technology)

This is another sector you can invest in. Since we are in the digital age where digital skills are in high demand. As an investor, you can make a profitable income in this sector. A few investment opportunities in this sector include:

  1. Cyber Security
  2. 3D animation production
  3. Data science and its branches
  4. Web and Mobile applications


You cannot mention Kenya and not talk about her tourist attraction centers that attract foreigners to the country and to top it all, Kenya is one of the crown destinations for tourism and with the authority’s commitment to see that a country is a safe place for tourism you can surely invest in this sector. Areas to invest in this sector are:

  1. Casinos, parks, hotels for tourists
  2. Game resort
  3. Gym
  4. Recreation centres

Real Estate 

As a result of the high population in Kenya. A good developer can leverage this sector and build houses that people can afford without stress. Reasons why you should leverage on this sector:

  1. The prices of land in some parts of Kenya have decreased.
  2. The demand for affordable homes is on the disease.
  3. Labour employment is also on the rise since the employment rate is gradually increasing.

Gold and silver

These metals are significantly secure and do not devalue rather their value appreciates as the year goes by. Silver and gold will guarantee you a good return if you are planning to invest for the long term. the


There are many investment opportunities that an investor can dive into in Kenya that will yield a profitable return in the long run. However, you have to be diligent in your investment plan as it is the only way you can benefit from it. Also, before taking body steanybodyestment, you must take advice from an organization that is good at offering solutions to investment-related matters and that is why Shikana is your best go-to firm for such in East Africa. They will provide you with business solutions as regards investment opportunities in Kenya and how to startup either on a small scale or large scale. You can also feel free to share in the comment section if investment opportunities you know in Kenya. Happy reading!

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