Month: September 2021

risks associated with Mining

Managing risks associated with Mining in Africa

Africa is a fertile, largely untapped continent with more third-world countries. As a result of having more third-world countries, potentials awaiting maximization, both in human and mineral resources, are readily available for both local and foreign investors who are interested. But this worthy profit-making investment opportunity is not without its risks. Reports in favor of …

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 In recent times, it has become important for individuals and organizations alike to have a lawyer or legal firms to handle their legal affairs. This is because, in the world we live in today, legal issues arise almost always regularly.  Although the majority of people look for the services of legal firms only when they …


Gold Mining

Gold Mining in Uganda

Uganda is situated in the eastern part of Africa, they are blessed with mineral resources and one of which that is profound is gold and as a country, with fewer variation in the economic viewpoint, most of its citizens have dived into the mining of gold. Africa also called the mother continent, is blessed with …

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diamond mines in south africa

5 Alternatives to Diamond Mines in South Africa.

Diamond mines in South Africa have been around for more than 150 years. It has been a big part of South Africa’s economy; attracting investors Globally, propelling development, and being a base of employment in the country.  Although diamond mining has placed South Africa high on the investors’ attractive scale, South Africa, like other parts …

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labour law


Labour law is the part of the law that deals with work and labour related matters, such as employment, strike actions, wages, labour unions etc.  The constituted labour laws in any country are essential to referee the relationship that exists between employers and employees along with the government of the country. In Tanzania as well …


labor law

Labor Law in Kenya

Labor law in Kenya is related to the employment law that is guarding all the Kenya citizens and these laws are regulated from several sources which include the Constitution framework, Acts of Parliament (Labour legislations framework), Judicial Right, or the Common Law, Contract Law, and the International Conventions. The sources of employment law in Kenya …

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fintech space in Tanzania

Fintech space in Tanzania – Best Investment Destination

A big part of the Tanzanian economy, fintech has attracted investors globally, and locally, propelling development, even playing a big part in employment in the country. This article will navigate investing in the pool of opportunities that is fintech space in Tanzania. The Tanzania fintech space Tanzania needed financial solutions that would bridge the financial …

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