Are you overwhelmed with preparing for your first meeting with a legal advisor or lawyer? Rest assured, as Shikana Group has got your back! They are one of the leading legal consulting firms in East Africa. Hence, you can trust their advice on preparing yourself for legal consultation.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Know your goals and priorities

It is imperative that you are clear about why you need a consultation. You must know your goals and priorities. It would be best if you also remember your expectations once the meeting sessions are over. This will help you easily communicate with your legal advisor and put you in the right direction.

Moreover, having your goals sorted out will not only help your advisor to take you on a specific path but also allow you to benefit from the consultation holistically.

2. Do your research and go prepared

Going unprepared to meet your legal advisor or lawyer can result in a wastage of your money. If you are paying for legal consultation, ensure you make the most of it. Do as much personal research as possible regarding the matter you are discussing with your consultant. This will help you ask them questions and ensure that you are progressing at the right pace.

If you know anyone who has taken legal consultation on matters similar to yours, you can talk to them about their experience. This will help you be more prepared and confident when meeting your consultant.

3. Organize your files

Please ensure that you always carry all the essential documents with you during meetings. If you forget any important document, the meeting will be of no use, and your money will get wasted. Organize all your documents in one file, so you do not misplace anything. You can also organize an online file for greater accessibility. It is important for you to make copies of the original documents. Do not carry any original document to the meetings until your advisor or lawyer asks you to. This is to ensure that none of your original documents get misplaced.

4. Don’t forget to take notes

It is essential for you to take notes during the meeting. You may be unable to remember everything after the meeting, especially technical investment advice. Therefore, take a notebook or make notes on your mobile phone about all the important comments made by your consultant. These notes will later be a handy reference for you and help you avoid unnecessary legal fees. 

5. Do not shy away from asking questions

It would be best if you ask as many questions as you want. Even if you think the questions are very basic, do ask them. The advisors are there to help you out and will cater to all your inquiries. Note down the answers so you do not ask the same questions again and can also refer to them later on.

6. Be transparent

Please be honest and upfront about every detail you tell your advisor or lawyer about yourself. They won’t be able to guide you properly if you choose to hide essential information. Omitting details will also hinder your chances of benefiting from the consultation and waste your time and money.

7. Have an open mind

Please keep an open mind when going to meetings and discussing matters. Your legal advisor’s advice might not always align with your expectations but will be in your best interest. Listen to them patiently and present your point of view politely if you do not agree with a particular aspect. 

Looking for assistance?

If you are looking for legal consultation, contact Shikana Group. They are one of the most trusted legal consulting firms in East Africa. They offer their legal services within several domains, including but not limited to:

  • International trade and taxation
  • Commercial and Business Law
  • Compliance
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity

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