Have you ever felt stuck when operating your business because nothing seems to work out? No need to doubt yourself, as managing a business is not a piece of cake. While starting and running a business may seem easy on paper, when put to practice, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

You might also encounter hurdles when managing your cash flow, hiring employees, developing your market strategy, managing time, or generating capital. If you are unable to tackle any of these obstacles and legal situations yourself, please feel free to employ legal advisory services.

Legal advice will guide you on the right path, save you from making the wrong decisions, and educate you on how to deal with similar problems in the future.

Shikana Group, a trusted investment and legal advisory firm in East Africa, can help you with your legal operations. Their skilled and knowledgeable team of lawyers and advisors will assist you step by step with any legal situation.

You may find legal advisory services beneficial for your business in various situations. These include:

1.      Dealing with legal issues

If you are ever held accountable or sued for negligence or any other illegal practices, it would be best for you to opt for legal advisory instead of handling matters on your own. Legal matters are very delicate and must be handled by professionals. Even a slight wrong step during legal cases can cost a lot. Hence, please resort to legal advice in case of legal issues.

2.      Registration of your business

Registration of businesses is a tricky task to perform. If you are unfamiliar with its entire process, it would be beneficial to seek legal advice. Shikana Group’s team is well educated about all the registration requirements in East Africa and can guide you step by step.

3.      Expanding the business

If your business is undergoing exponential growth and you look forward to diversifying it, you might require assistance with legal matters. Business expansion may seem easy, but the paperwork can be pretty challenging. Legal advice will ease your task, save time, and ensure you do not miss any legal formalities.

4.      Handling legal documents

Handling legal documents can often be exhausting, especially when making significant modifications to your business policies. You are required to fill out several government forms, document all paperwork, and present it to the government. People often tend to miss out on some documents, which increases their document processing time. Legal advisors can manage all your legal requirements properly and ensure no mistakes. This will free you from any unnecessary stress and hassle.

5.      Contract managing

In case of contract disputes, you must opt for legal advisory services. Contract disputes, if not handled diligently, can be very costly. Under such circumstances, a legal advisor will protect you from a lawsuit by providing adequate help.

6.      Protecting Intellectual Property

Trademarks and logos build a business’s identity; hence, it is crucial to be cautious while choosing them. It would be best if you seek legal advice to personalize your business, as copyright infringement can be a costly lawsuit.

7.      Issues with former, current, or prospective employees

Employees are one of the most important assets of a business. Having issues with them can significantly affect the progression of your business. At times small matters do not take time to turn into costly lawsuits. Save yourself from this hassle and opt for legal advisory to subtly tackle any arising employee issues. 

Looking for Legal Advisory Services?

If you require legal advice on any of the situations above, please feel free to reach out to Shikana Group. As leading lawyers in Tanzania, they will provide comprehensive guidance regarding your legal issue. Their team specializes in providing legal services such as international trade and taxation, commercial and business law, compliance, venture capital, and private equity advisory.

Contact them to make the right decisions.

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