Legal advisors are an essential part of the business. When you face troubles with legal and tax issues, a legal advisor is here to help you with your problems. A business requires deep focus, attention, and effort. An entrepreneur may be occupied with many other affairs and may not be able to carry out all the operations within a business. Therefore, having a legal advisor helps.

The Shikana Group, one of the top investment advisory firms in Tanzania, is the perfect legal advisory firm you need for your business. With an experienced and expert team, you can look forward to a more profitable business.

What Are Legal Advisors?

Legal advisors are experienced lawyers that guide businesses to profitable decisions. Their deep and insightful advice can lead to an increase in revenue and profit as they understand the fundamentals of business tactics. A legal advisor ensures that your company remains positive and compliant with the tax and legal obligations in the industry. These lawyers are brilliant, quick and knowledgeable in their field. Their guidance is valuable and can serve your needs well.

Responsibilities Of A Legal Advisor

Drafting Contracts:

Every business needs to deal with contracts. These are important as they protect the company and the other parties involved in the process. As legal advisors are professional lawyers, they are able to create essential documents and contracts with the correct use of language.

When dealing with other individuals, it is crucial to have these as they help prevent future consequences. A legal advisor is aware of the highlights a contract needs in order to maintain relations and a positive reputation. They make sure that every duty and responsibility is underlined to avoid confusion.

Meeting Potential Prospects:

A company may need to deal with dealing or projects with other profitable figures and businesses. In order to ensure that proper negotiating and communication occurs, having a legal advisor would help you. It is vital to understand how to approach clients with a proposal or pitch.

Legal advisors are experienced and knowledgeable, so they can assist you in creating reasonable demands based on facts and data. With the right strategy, entrepreneurs can see a significant improvement in their revenue and profits.

Benefits Of Having A Legal Advisor

Ensure compliance:

Remaining compliant with tax and legal obligations is a positive feature to have. When businesses are able to function well, the tax and legal obligations tend to rise even higher. Having a legal advisor can prove to be helpful as they can oversee your deadlines and essential duties. An entrepreneur is busy and may not have the necessary time to handle these critical details. Therefore, having a legal advisor is important.

Prevent Problems:

Because of their expertise and experience, legal advisors can ensure that your business faces fewer liabilities and increases in assets. It is essential to minimize business costs, both financially and logically. A legal advisor can ensure that your business meets each problem swiftly and ensure smooth operations between all parties.

How Shikana Group can help

Shikana, one of the top investment advisory firms in Tanzania,  advises clients on the appropriate ownership structure for the business they want to set up, including corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and joint ventures. We analyze the benefits, costs, and risks associated with the choice of a particular business entity based on our extensive experience assisting foreign investors coming into the African marketplace.

We also provide a full range of services related to immigration and labor law, including liaising with relevant Government authorities for work permits, investor permits, and related matters. We use our unmatched experience to deliver efficient and transparent legal and investment advisory support for our clients.

Our firm offers services in the following domains:

  • International trade and taxation
  • Commercial and business law
  • Compliance
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity advisory services

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