The principal Act for business licensing in Tanzania is The Business Licensing Act No. 25 in 1972. It states that no company can operate in Tanzania without holding a valid business license issued by the authority. Two authorities issue Business licenses in Tanzania, Business Registration and Licensing Agency for Class A and Business Licenses and Local Government Authorities who issue Class B licenses.

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Requirements To Obtain Business License

For any business to obtain a business license from the authority, it must have:

1. A business premise by renting or owning a place.

2. Registered the company name with the Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA).

3. Registered for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) to Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA).

4. Registered to the sector ministry to get the permit for operations in the sector.

5. Applied for the Business License at the Ministry of Industry Trade and Investment (MITI) of local government authorities.

6. Paid for the business license fee, depending on the size of the business.

Application Requirements For Business License

1. Fill out the application form available online; it is downloadable in PDF form.

2. Attach the photocopy of the certificate of incorporation if you own a company and the certificate of registration and extract in case of business name.

3. Attach the photocopy of the memorandum and articles showing that the objects of the company allow it to operate the business that is being applied for.

4. Attach the proof of your citizenship in Tanzania (birth certificate, copy of your passport, or affidavit). If you are a non-resident, submit a copy of residence permit class A, showing that the holder is an investor in the company.

5. If the shareholders of the company are non-residents, power of attorney should be attached.

6. Proof that the applicant has suitable premises to run the business.

Proof of registration for tax payment by attaching the copy of the TIN certificate and Business License Tax Certificate.

7. Proof of permit from the sector ministry to operate the business in the sector.

Benefits Of Starting A Business In Tanzania

Tanzania is a country with many opportunities for investors and businesses. Following are some of the many benefits of starting a business in Tanzania.

1. Tanzania is one of the developing countries in the world, with opportunities arising everywhere.

2. Tanzania is a peaceful country, and it provides a suitable environment for businesses to operate and prosper in the future.

3. The labor market in Tanzania is filled with skilled workers who are readily available to provide their services and work in various industries.

4. The government in Tanzania provides various incentives to all the investors (local and foreign) through the Tanzania Investment Center.

5. Tanzania has plenty of uncultivated land for agriculture investments.

Best Business Avenues In Tanzania

If you are thinking of investing in Tanzania, you are making the right choice. In Tanzania, real estate, energy, agribusiness, logistics, and telecommunications are the top five business sectors to invest in. However, if you are planning on starting a small business in Tanzania, tea and coffee production, consignment shop, tobacco manufacturing, aviation, rental services, food processing, water refill services, construction, travel, and many other sectors like these can be the perfect choice for your small business.If you are planning to take on the business market in Tanzania, contact Shikana Group and let their professional team of legal advisors help you. For any queries related to company registration in Tanzania and mining in Tanzania, feel free to reach out to them.

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