Knowing the purpose of your investment is essential before you make an investment. Setting the goals you want to achieve with your investment makes it easier to identify which investment will work best for you, and you can make wiser decisions with it.

There are three types of objectives you can set for your investment, and those are safety, growth, and income. You must identify whether you need income from your investment or growth that will allow you safer retirement, or is it safe that it is your top priority with investment?

After you are done analyzing these aspects of investment and ready to make an investment, there are a few more things you need to focus on before you invest in anything. These factors will help you make an effective investment plan that you can rely on for a long time.

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Be Realistic

Aiming for greater things in life is excellent, but it won’t work with investments. You must have a realistic look at your finances and analyze how much of it can be invested. Take out all your expenses and see how much money you have left; compromising on your essentials is never a good option if you think you can limit them; that could be your first mistake while making an investment plan. Be realistic, so you don’t face any troubles in the payment of your investment.

Analyze Risk

If you are thinking of investing money, you must already know that investment comes with its fair share of risks. No industry offers you 100% risk-free investments, and if someone makes any such claims, don’t fall for it. The difference between each industry is the degree of risk it offers. You must determine how much trouble you are willing to take with your investment; there is no need to exceed your limit. If you are thinking of investing money, be prepared for the worst and think of all the possibilities.

Determine When You Will Need The Money

If you have an objective for your investment, you must have a time frame in mind. Setting a boundary of time for your investment is always helpful; you can know when you will be able to withdraw it and how much you are aiming to get. For instance, if you are making an investment for your retirement, there is no point in being concerned about the value of your investment for the next year because you might not need it for several years. What matters is how you can maintain its weight till the time you need it, which is the time of your retirement.

Determine The Industry

People who are new to this and don’t know what to invest in often end up investing in the first thing they are offered, which is not always the best option. Knowing which industry you are thinking of investing in is essential. All industries come with different degrees of benefits and risks. Hence, it is essential to analyze which are the most suitable options for your investment.


All the above steps must be put together to achieve a desirable result. Analyze all these factors together and think about the best-suited options for you. If you feel lost, there are always investment advisors that can help you develop effective investment plans and manage your finances accordingly.

If you are looking for one of the leading investment planning companies in Tanzania, reach out to Shikana Group, and their expert advisors are sure to help you to the best of their abilities.

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