Starting and managing a new business effectively can be pretty overwhelming and stressful. Especially if you are stepping into the corporate world for the first time, there are several inner workings you might not be aware of.

Does the entire process of setting up and growing a business seem daunting to you as well? In this case, you should opt for corporate legal advisory services. Legal advice will help ensure that you are on the right path, not making any mistakes, and delving into the business world smoothly.

Shikana Group specializes in providing legal services within several domains such as international trade and taxation, commercial and business law, compliance, venture capital, and private equity advisory. Their legal team will help you with business setup and licensing contract negotiation, and tax advisory. Being one of the leading groups of legal advisors in East Africa, you can place your complete trust in their services.

There are some reasons you must opt for corporate legal advisory services when establishing your business. These include:

1.      Successfully Navigate Your Business Formation Process

Legal advisors can be helpful in several aspects of a business formation process. Whether your business has the structure of a sole proprietorship, LLC partnership, or corporation, Shikana Group can assist you with the registration process. Starting your business with the right help will ease your way into the corporate world.

2.      Protect Your Intellectual Property

Once you have submitted all legal documents and your business has been formally registered, the next step is to protect your assets and form a unique logo and trademark. A legal advisor will help you personalize your business successfully and prevent copyright issues. Copyright infringement lawsuits can be quite costly; hence, it would be best if you seek legal advice in this matter.

3.      Develop Strong Relationships

Once your business has been successfully established, it is essential for you to show your credibility and develop strong relationships with partners and investors. Legal advice services will provide you with professional help in this regard. They will educate you on how to form meaningful relationships. If you successfully form strong and stable partnerships, the value of your business will improve.

4.      Ensure Proper Contract Management

Making contracts with founders, investors, or partners is, although an achievement in itself, it is essential to ensure that you understand each clause before you formally sign it. Hence, it would be best if you seek help from an advisor to conduct a contract review. Legal advisors will help you thoroughly understand your rights and obligations. They can also advise you if you must add any additional clause to your contract. Hence, preventing the arousal of any misunderstandings in the future.

5.      Ensure Ownership and Control

If your business has more than one owner or beneficiaries, you need to have a formally drafted agreement to determine the relationship between owners. The agreement must outline each owner’s responsibilities, decision-making powers, and financial interests. It is beneficial for you to involve a lawyer to avoid any disputes later on. Such agreements might not seem important to you in the initial stages of your business, but they are one of the key factors behind the stability and security of the business.

6.      Avoid any lawsuits

Your business can encounter litigation due to lawsuits, copyright infringements, frauds, or disputes with competitors. Lawsuits can harm the company’s image and performance; hence, you must avoid them at all costs. A lawyer would be of great help for you to avoid these potential areas of concern. It is also essential for you to personally follow all rules and regulations to avoid litigation.

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If you are launching your business and wish to seek corporate legal advisory services, rest assured that Shikana Group has your back! Their expert team understands East African economies’ increasingly complex regulatory and commercial frameworks. Their insightful advice will optimize and accelerate your business growth and performance.

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