In business, there are a number of opportunities available almost everywhere. Countless methods exist to improve your intelligence and experience by understanding your market. A great way to do this is through deal origination (also known as deal sourcing).

Deal origination allows CEOs to create paths to expand their network. Deal sourcing creates an opportunity for knowledge, information, and details to multiply during this venture. Those who take the right strategies can earn a lot of success in the long term.

The Shikana Group is fully equipped to help you create a fantastic deal. With an experienced and expert legal team, Shikana is able to guide you into the right decisions with the correct information. As one of the leading legal advisory firms in East Africa, we are ready to manage deals with you.

What Is Deal Origination?

Deal origination refers to sourcing investment products by private equity firms, investment banks, and venture capital firms. This is a process where deals are created to pitch to potential buyers.

It is usually done by gaining knowledge and information about the deals taking place in the current market along with intermediaries. Bids are made to gauge who will take the deal.

Deal origination is the first and most vital part of the entire process. If a deal is well built and stable, there can be successful future investment opportunities.

What Strategies Can You Use?

1.    In-House Deal Origination:

This particular deal origination strategy is quite common. Businesses can approach certified and experienced individuals who have immense knowledge and information about deal sourcing. In this, companies can discuss and analyze deals along with reliable reports of statistics and details.

Working alongside the people who possess the knowledge can help companies in various ways. Therefore, they can present excellent advice, guidance, and updates in front of you. This can make the process easier and more inclined to succeed.

Handing the process to experienced attorneys who can handle the job efficiently can consume less time and effort. The Shikana Group ensures that its clients are given the best treatment.

2.    Look for opportunities in your existing contacts:

Opportunities are endless. With the constant changing times and trends, people can find new ways to invest and succeed in different ways.

It is important to note that many companies are trying to adapt to the needs’ consistency. Allowing yourself to dig deeper into your existing contacts pool can be helpful.

Creating new deals within your contacts can be easier to handle. Because of the familiarity between the two parties, deal sourcing can be a straightforward and simple process.

Ideas and opportunities can be shared while still keeping the confidentiality terms in place. It is possible to have a better understanding on how to deliver your best pitch to your client under this deal origination strategy.

How Shikana Group can help

Shikana advises clients on the appropriate ownership structure for the business they want to set up, including corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and joint ventures. We analyze the benefits, costs, and risks associated with the choice of a particular business entity based on our extensive experience assisting foreign investors coming into the African marketplace.

We also provide a full range of services related to immigration and labor law, including liaising with relevant Government authorities for work permits, investor permits, and related matters. We use our unmatched experience to deliver efficient and transparent legal and investment advisory support for our clients.

Our firm offers services in the following domains:

  • International trade and taxation
  • Commercial and business law
  • Compliance
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity advisory services

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