Investment Advisory Services

Market Entry Services


We develop tactical market-entry strategies based on a detailed analysis of the political and commercial landscape. Our strategies assist clients to navigate barriers to entry, identify and engage with government and industry stakeholders, and to build structures for long-term risk management.


Our particular focus is on:

  • Type of industry, market and sector analysis
  • Product – Market Fit analysis
  • Culture of the new market
  • Costs associated with entering a new market
  • Local and international laws, government and regulatory framework assessments

We advise on some of the most common
strategies for market entry including:



     Greenfield investments




     Joint ventures

     Turnkey projects


We provide standard reports accessible for a fee, as well as tailor made, client specific guidance.

Advocacy & Strategic Communication

Today’s intensely competitive and fast paced business and political environments in Africa present constant changes and challenges, companies need to know what they want to accomplish in the public arena, but also need to know how to quickly reach and motivate the right audiences in order to successfully accomplish those objectives. We can help you define your objectives, and help ensure that the most important audiences receive the right messages to bring about success — whatever the battle being fought, including changing regulations and legislations to fit with the business needs of the investor.

Research, Policy & Industry Insight Services / Risk Management

Shikana provides a detailed understanding of the political and commercial landscape as a service. We help clients track and analyze developments, anticipate changes and navigate complex political and commercial issues.


We conduct industry insight investigations, helping our clients to understand the commercial landscape, monitor competitor activity, vet potential partners and access insights that generate competitive advantage.


We make it our business to understand political, commercial and social dynamics across the geographies we operate and to track the implications for our clients’ goals. We provide informed analyses of risks and opportunities, essential to the execution of effective client strategies at a fraction of the cost of leading African intelligence providers.


Our particular focus is on:

  • Government policy research and analysis
  • Research that leads to legislative amendments
  • Local, regional, and international legal reviews leading to benchmarking and best in class legislations
  • Business, political, & economic intelligence on industry and market players
  • Industry overviews
  • Market player insights


We provide standard reports accessible for a fee, as well as tailor made, client specific guidance.

Investment Origination Services / Due Diligence

We work closely with clients to help them source, scrutinize, arrange, and manage deal and acquisition prospects. Specifically, we undertake:

  • Target identification & screening
  • Deal origination & negotiation

Fund and Capital Raising Services

We leverage our networks with capital providers to assist clients with their non-traditional debt and equity raising financial needs. Specifically, we undertake:

  • Capital raising – from accessing angel investment all the way to private equity
  • Structured finance – assisting with access to non-traditional debt finance
  • Fixed Income – we provide advice on sovereign, corporate, and private bond offerings
  • Diversitures, Mergers & Acquisitions, & Exits –




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