About The Firm

About Us

Shikana Group is a team of leading lawyers and investment advisors based in Tanzania and operating in East Africa communities for 7 years.

Founded in 2015 by international lawyer Amne Suedi from UCL, Shikana Group is specialised in investments, corporate and business law, accompagning and supporting investors in several jurisdictions in East Africa. In 2021, the firm extend its expertise and services with a cutting-edge team dedicated to investment advisory services in East Africa.

With unmatched complementary services, Shikana Group has build a long-standing, steady, and extensive expertise to successfully lead investors in the east african markets.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is delivering client value and to ensure that our clients prosper. By offering highest-quality, insightful and relevant legal expertise and investment advisory services, we successfully achieve our and our client's goals.

Our Firm

Our firm is a leading legal and investment services firm for pioneering investors who forsee the huge role East Africa is bound to play in tomorrow’s global economy. We understand and share this vision of the future, as well as the role we, together, need to play in order to achieve it.

Our Corporate Values

Our corporate values are responsiveness, professionalism, empathy, reliability and flexibility.

Our Clients

Our clients are looking for firms that understand their business, firms that add value to what they do and show interest without always looking for a fee " Amne Suedi , Managing Director, Shikana Group.